Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ceviche London

I've been in Europe since a month now and WOW does it feel good to be home!!!
Our travels have taken us to visit our families between Switzerland, Monaco and Italy, we attended a beautiful wedding in Villa D'Este on the lake of Como and we are currently in London before I head off to a surprise bachelorette party next weekend :) (Click here for travel pics)
For those who have been following my blog for a while, you probably know that London is like my second home, I lived here for 7 years and did all my University studies here back in the days, so I always love coming back and exploring all the new entries London town has to offer.
My love for raw food brought us to a cozy Peruvian restaurant nestled in the heart of Soho called CEVICHE. 
As a foodie at heart, trust me, do not miss out on this trendy and delicious little gem.
- Sit: At the counter
- Do not miss: the Coctel El Tigre dish 
- Drink: Pisco Sour
- Know: Tiger's milk (Leche de Tigre) is the citrus based marinade for ceviche
- Book: in advance

*Marinated olives*

*Don Ceviche - Fresh Seabass ceviche in amarillo's chili tiger's milk, limo chili, sweet potato and red onions *

*Taquenos de Aji de Gallina - Wanton fritters filled with creamy chilly chicken and aji amarillo sauce *

*Black Kingfish Tiradito - Cobia King fish, kiwi, blood orange, yuzu tiger's milk*

*Causa Los Saicos - Crab, avocado, palm heart on a smooth cool potato*

*Lomo Saltado - Beef fillet, sliced, flame cooked with red onions, tomatoes and proper chips*

*Sakura Maru - Tiradito of thinly sliced salmon in nikkei tiger's milk made with satsumas, mirin, soy sauce and limo chili*

*Pollo en Panca - Chicken thighs in smoked panca chili, orange zest and rocoto pepper jam*

*Coctel El Tigre - Seabass, diver-caught scallop, tiger prawn, pisco, avocado, seabass tiger's milk and tomato*

*Coctel El Tigre *

*Pecado de Chocolate - Chocolate tart with aji panca and sea salt, physalis coulis and pecan ice cream*


  1. I've only just noticed that you are writing posts again. Welcome back. This restaurant is new to me and the chocolate tart with pecan ice cream sounds like a great combination. Everything is beautifully presented and looks so fresh and appetising.

    www.missbbobochic. blogspot.

  2. Hey! Great to hear from you. The food here looks absolutely amazing, just what I love! Hope you've got lots of posts to do from your travels.
    Hugs xoxo

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