Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An unexpected weekend in Kuala Lumpur

*Max and I braving the Singapore haze*

A lot of you probably heard about Singapore's tremendous pollution problem in the past few weeks, the air was really unbreathable and most people tried to escape the city for a breath of fresh air. We tried to book last minute flights more or less anywhere within 2 hours of Singapore (Bali, Thailand, Cambodia etc.) but most of them were sold out so we decided to go close by to Kuala Lumpur.

We have been to KL many times for the F1 and only once to properly visit the city about 5 years ago;  to be honest I never really had an exciting opinion about the city but this time around made me change my mind! 

KL is a fun, young, cultural and vibrant city, the shopping is great and the culinary scene is so varied that there is a cuisine to suit everyones taste buds! 

Here are a few recommendations on what to do for a weekend in Kuala Lumpur:

Hotels with a view:
Mandarin Oriental
Grand Hyatt
Traders Hotel (Shangri-La)

Where to shop:
Bukit Bintang
Pavillion mall
Starhill Gallery
KLCC Suria mall

Where to eat:
Bombay Palace - One of the best Indian restaurants I have been to
Al- Amar - Lebanese restaurant with belly dancers and live music, excellent food
Madam Kwan's - Malaysian food - easy dining
Bijan - Malaysian food - fine dining

What to see:
Petronas twin towers 
Batu Caves

Marini's on 57 - great for cocktails with a view
Sultan lounge @ Mandarin Oriental - late night drinks/party

*Arrival in Kuala Lumpur*

*Petronas towers - Every time I see them I think of the movie Entrapment with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones!!*

*The super moon - did you manage to see it too?*

*Bukit Bintang shopping district*

*Madam Kwan's - known for its great Nasi Lemak, a traditional Malaysian dish and do not miss the succulent banana fritters!*

*Our hotel, the Mandarin Oriental*

*Marini's on 57 rooftop bar/club/restaurant*


  1. Lucky you!! It seems a nice city!


  2. seems a nice city!


  3. yes, i heard about singapor! bad situation..

    good choice to fly away for few days!

    have a nice day

  4. Oh pollution is really bad! I can imagine the situation...so sorry!:/ I'd love to visit KL too, I know is a great city, there are many interesting stuff to see, eat, do! Everytime I see the towers I think of that movie too, that scene is so cool!:) Kisses! xo

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  6. Thanks for the guide to KL! I've always wanted to visit Malaysia. Hope the air pollution problem clears up in Singapore soon.

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  7. Hi!
    Pictures are good!


  8. Pollution is so so bad but it seems a very interesting city. Your photos are really great.

  9. Your so lucky ^^
    I want to go there :)

    New post - Kisses

  10. Have a nice weekend ^^

    New post - Kisses

  11. Beautiful pictures, sorry you had to cover your nose haha :) but you still look cool.

  12. I had no idea that Singapore were so polluted. I'm glad you guys could escape to KL. The photos are really stunning. I would love to visit the Petronas towers :D