Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas decor

As Christmas approaches, I'm just finishing out writing the menus, decorating the house and wrapping up the gifts. Last weekend we finally found the time to decorate our christmas tree (1st picture above) what do you think about it?! did you spot the intruder in the picture??!!

 Here for you are a few of my Christmas decoration inspirations:

Are you almost set for Christmas eve?  

Impress your guests by making edible snow globes

Use knits to wrap your presents

Decorate your door knobs

Use a cookie cutter as a napkin ring

Create a cozy atmosphere and don't forget to hang up the Christmas socks!

Create your own advent calendar

If you are expecting a snowy Christmas, decorate your outdoors with ice candles

Place some holiday trinkets amongst your home decor

Add a natural touch to your gifts


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  2. Everything is so pretty and very inspiring. Love these decorations. Brillant ideas.

  3. You have some wonderful ideas here! Absolutely love them and feel inspired to try a few. And that salad from the post below is just brilliant! x

  4. Lovely christmas decoration. The snow globe is so cute. And your christmas tree is really beautiful. Can't wait till I can decorate my christmas tree. In my country its tradition to decorate the tree on the 24th so I need to wait a little.
    Wish you a lovely day.
    xo, Petra

  5. Your tree is truly stunning! congrats:) Love all the decoration inspiration you selected! Kisses! xo

  6. I completely forgot - I have to wrap my gifts too!! Thanks for reminding me.:) And the intruder is very cute.;)

  7. So many wonderful images and ideas - I especially love the edible snow globe, ice candles and knit as wrapping. In fact they are all lovely including your tree - always nice to have some traditional red.

  8. Lovely tree ME & some great ideas too!
    Happy Wednesday Hun xoxo

  9. edible snow globes - that is a brilliant idea!

  10. Really beautiful,i love christmas :)



  11. Me encantan todos los detalles navideños, tienen muchisimo encanto... aportan calor a una epoca del año tan fria!


  12. That snow globe is so cute!

  13. Your tree looks so festive and YES, I do see an intruder;) A very cute one I might add! I like the knit wrapping and the advent calendar. Very cleaver!

    Hope you are enjoying the seasonal festivities!

  14. I absolutely LOVE all these DIY ideas, they are so cute and Christmassy! You can do pretty much anything with your house in preparation for Christmas :) I love the Christmas tree too, so stylish!

  15. These are so great ideas! I especially love the natural touch with the gift-wrapping and the one with the ice candle supports !! <3
    Merry Christmas!


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  16. I love your Christmas decoration! xx

    - Victoria

  17. Le "papier" cadeau en laine est trop beau!!!

  18. So many wonderful ideas! I love the knitted gift wrap!


  19. Love your tree! That reindeer on the shelf is adorable too. And man oh man I wish I had the time to make edible snow globes - what an awesome idea!!

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  21. I'm crazy about the first pic ^^
    I love this christmas tree :)

    New post - Kisses ♥

  22. I spotted a little rabbit next to the tree ;-) Lovely tree - red, white and green are such a classic and festive combination. Have a lovely evening and a wonderful Christmas xo

  23. Very nice ideas for decorating, i like the tree on the first picture!


  24. Love the ideas, great inspiration!

    I alreay decorated my door knobs but I might try a few of the other ideas too.

    Your tree looks great too by the way!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

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  25. So excited for xmas after reading this! The knitted wrapping is such a cute idea.

    Nice blog! xx

  26. They're such neat and cool ideas!
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  27. The knit wrapping looks so cute!! All this decor is so nice. Happy Holidays!