Thursday, September 8, 2011

The making of: Le Carré Hermès

*A present from my parents and my favorite Carré *

I'm back in Singapore and I have to say it has been a pretty busy week so far!
First of all there was the opening of the first H&M store in Singapore, which i couldn't miss!, and secondly there was the Hermès  craftsmen exhibition. 
The exhibition lasted 5 days and I had the opportunity to discover the "making of" the most wonderful pieces of Hermès, from the iconic bags to the horse saddles and of course the Carré amongst many others. 
In this post i am bringing you through the steps of the Silk Printer...

*The table where the magic happens*

*45 colors were used to make this Carré - 15 just for the face...impressive*

*First step:  cutting the silk*

*Pouring the black dye to outline the drawing of the Carré*

*Spreading the dye*

*This is the result of the first layer of dye*

*Even the little ones seem enthralled :)*

*10 different colors were used to produce Fleurs D' indiennes*


  1. Ok let me start by saying how lucky you were to be there for the opening of the new H&M store I am soooo jealous!!!! And also how beautiful!! Is the Hermes exhibition! you lucky little devil!! xxxxx mandy

  2. Fascinating! I love your carre - gorgeous print xoxo

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  5. Wow! Beautiful post, I've really loved it!

  6. Wow, thats so interesting, I would LOVE to see this!

  7. That's just so interesting! Hope I could see it in by my own eyes. ;) Thanks for dropping by my blog! Lovelots!

  8. that is such an awesome exhibit! so jealous and loving your images on your blog the photography is fantastic.

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  10. such a lovely post,
    love your blog!
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    love xx

  11. Amazing! So amazing you were able to see that in action.