Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Matsuhisa vs. Katsuya - Los Angeles

Actually... these 2 of my favorite Japanese restaurants in LA are just incomparable!

Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills is one of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's original and most traditional restaurants and has remained consistent over its 27 years of existence. The top quality of ingredients create the most delectable Japanese and Peruvian fusion delicacies. I first went to the Matsuhisa restaurant in Mykonos a couple of summers ago and it was love at first sight!

Katusya's lively vibe on the other hand, could be compared to the one at Nobu Berkley restaurant in London.
It's a lively place where excellent Japanese fusion meets modern design from non other than Philippe Starck.
This is the number 1 restaurant I recommend in LA for japanese food lovers like me and in the 3 weeks that we were there, we went there about 5 times!! 
 They now opened a few branches around town but for me the best one is always the one in Brentwood. 
If there are any readers from Dubai, Katsuya recently opened a branch at the Dubai Mall.

Here are a few pictures of my favorite and recommended dishes at both restaurants:


*Tuna Sushi*

*Yellowtail & Jalapeno*

*Kobe beef tacos*

*New style salmon sashimi*

*Toro tartare with caviar*

*Green tea & strawberry mochi ice cream*


*Rock shrimp tempura roll*

*Dynamite Lobster*


*Yellowtail & Jalapeno*

*Hamachi toro tartare with caviar and salmon roe on crispy wonton*

*Spicy tuna on crispy rice*

*Baked crab roll*

*John Travolta sitting next to our table in Katsuya a couple of years ago!*

Monday, January 27, 2014

LA Guide: Brentwood

Hello blogosphere!!
First of all, I would like to start this first post of 2014 by wishing everybody a Happy New Year :)
Those who follow me on Instagram probably know that I have been in LA for the past month and I really tried to take some time to disconnect from the virtual world!
It was amazing to spend some time with my family and just enjoy the million things to do in the city of angels.
In the coming days I will post different LA guides, trying to give you my insider tips and avoid the most touristy ones; starting with this first one on the neighborhood of Brentwood; known to be one of the most affluent districts of LA as well as being home to many high profile celebs, this charming neighborhood is well worth the detour. 

3 things to do in Brentwood:

Drive around: Get lost in the many picturesque streets without missing a tour of La Mesa Drive, just on the border between Brentwood and Santa Monica, this street and its unusual canopy of rare Moreton Bay Fig trees is just like no other.

Shop: like a local at the Brentwood Country Mart

Dine: at the one and only Katsuya (my favorite of all branches around LA)

*Cozy house & tree swing*

*La Mesa Dr.*

*Brentwood Country Mart*

*Brentwood Trading Post*

*Botany flower shop*

*Calypso St. Barth store*

*Turpan Store*

*Farm Fresh food market & restaurant*

*Sunset in Santa Monica on our way back home*

*Dinner at Katsuya Brentwood*