Monday, July 30, 2012

A day at the pool

1 - Mykonos

I think the pictures say it all!
Which pool would you like to spend all day in?

2 - Mykonos

3 - Santorini

4 - Spain

5 - Italy

6 - Greece

7 - Capri

8 - Mykonos (same as pic 1)

9 - Vietnam

10 - Greece

11 - Africa

*All pictures from Pinterest

Friday, July 27, 2012

Matcha green tea and strawberry popsicles

I like to call it ice indulgence... those little treats that just seem to make everything better during the hot summer days. When we went to L.A back in April we stopped through Tokyo and of course I couldn't help myself from buying the real Matcha green tea powder, let me tell you it is one of the best I have ever tasted and yes.. I am a little obsessed with Matcha! (see previous recipe here)

Here is my popsicle recipe:


Matcha green tea powder
Icing sugar

-Mix the matcha powder in water and pour the mixture at the bottom of the ice lolly moulds or in glasses (do not fill the moulds as you will need space to add the strawberry mixture). Freeze

-In the meantime puree the strawberries and add icing sugar (to taste)

-Once the green tea has frozen, add the strawberry mixture on top of it, freeze & enjoy!!

Monday, July 23, 2012



Since I saw Miroslava Duma in her gorgeous and fashionable jumpsuit during fashion week, I've been looking into this trend.
I find that jumpsuits are not easy to wear, at least with my body shape... or maybe I just haven't found the perfect one for me yet; however I love how the fashionistas in these pictures are rocking the rend!
What do you think about jumpsuits? Any favorite pics?







Photo credits: 1, 2&4, 3, 567

Friday, July 20, 2012

Authentic guacamole recipe

Guacamole is one of my specialties and it is so easy to make. Everybody always asks me what my secret is but to be honest there is no secret! Just use the best ingredients (I try to always use organic ones) and mix in a little love ;)
I usually use Tropea onions but here I can't find them so I mix spring onions with normal red onions to give it that extra crunch.

2 ripe avocados 
2 limes 
2 medium/large tomatoes    
chopped cilantro (I use it only when we have guests over as I just can't get myself to like this herb!)
1 bunch of spring onion
1/4 of a red onion
1/2 red chili pepper (I take the seeds out to not make it too spicy)
Salt and olive oil to taste

- With a spoon scoop out the avocados into a bowl and mash them with a fork until chunky as desired
- Add lime juice to prevent the avocados from turning brown
- Add the rest of the ingredients (all finely chopped) and add salt and a dash of olive oil 
-Mix and serve with tortilla chips or to accompany your grilled fish dishes.


Monday, July 16, 2012

The boho - chic islands...


The beautiful houses of Ibiza and Formentera...
I just love the mix of white and wood with a touch of color, that's what I call a perfect Mediterranean island retreat!!! Some pictures are from the home of Marni's fashion designer Consuelo Castiglioni in Formentera!
Which one is your favorite?








Friday, July 13, 2012

Aruna Seth Shoes

*Aruna Seth is wearing her black patent Farfalla heels*

Do you remember those gorgeous Aruna Seth Swarovski embellished silver heels and the stunning Alice Temperly emerald gown that Pippa Middleton wore at the Royal Wedding last year? 
Well, in this past week I had the unique opportunity to work alongside Aruna Seth for the launch of her shoe collection in Singapore and Hong Kong. 
Royals and celebrities are amongst Aruna's habitués, from Pippa Middleton and Princess Beatrice to Kate Hudson and Katherine Heigel (just to name a few!). 
Using the finest Italian leather, her shoes provide an ultimate and luxurious comfort; Aruna has been acclaimed by the fashion press around the world for her exceptional designs and attention to detail. 

 Here are some pictures of the very successful events:

To view the Aruna Seth Shoe collection click here 
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*Satin Tiffany blue Farfalla heels*

*Aruna Seth with the editors of Hong Kong Tatler showing them the exclusive  Swarovski Queen shoes, made for the celebration of the Queen's Jubilee and sold exclusively at Harrods*

*Lace Farfalla bridal shoes*

*Part of the Aruna Seth bridal collection*

*Pippa Middleton wore these Aruna Seth Lynn shoes in silver for her sister's Royal wedding in 2011*

*Kate Hudson wears Aruna Seth suede Farfalla heels*

*Aruna Seth holding her golden glitter Farfalla peep toes *

*Aruna Seth all Swarovski ballerina*

*Part of the Aruna Seth fashion collection*

*Aruna Seth Farfalla suede ballerinas & thong sandals*

*Aruna Seth Shoes launch at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Singapore*

*The view from the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong*

*Part of the Aruna Seth Farfalla collection*

*Aruna Seth*