Thursday, August 25, 2011

Monaco...home sweet home


Yes I know.... a blogger should post at least once a day but our trip back to Europe has been very active and let me tell you I was concentrating on making beautiful pictures so I hope you will forgive me for the delay;)
Here are the highlights of our time in Monaco where we spent our time with our families and friends...

Tips on where to go and what to do: 
1- Breakfast at the Met Cafe 
2- Shopping at MC Market and Avenue des beaux arts 
3- Dinner at Mozza for delicious Italian food and Maya bay for the finest japanese
4- Early morning tour at the Palais Princier
5- Pamper yourself at the Metropole hotel spa
6- Lunch at Quai des artistes restaurant at the port
7- Aperitif at the American bar and later drinks at Sea Lounge
8- End your night at the famous Jimmy'z club and watch the sunrise ;)

*Having breakfast with our friend Melanie at the Met Cafe*

*The Casino from another angle*

*The first tall building to the left is where my office was*

*Another spectacular view of MC*

*Enjoying a coupe de rose' at the American bar - Hotel de Paris*

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Follow me in... Monza

*Il Duomo di Monza*

As we land in Milan, our first stop towards Monaco is in the small Italian town of Monza for a visit at my hairdressers Stefano and Rosy Conte.
They have been styling my hair since I was 14 years old and they have become one of Italy's most seeked after VIP hairdressers. They have styled the hairs of Paris Hilton, Laura Pausini, Jamiroquai and Eros Ramazotti just to name a few and they have been the official hairstylists of big events such as Miss Italia and the Italian X factor. If you happen to pass by Monza I recommend you stop by for some star hairstyle ;)

*Some of the Italian press coverage about Stafano and Rosy*

*Stefano and Rosy in action!*

 *Stefano and some of the VIP's he has styled*

*A proper Italian breakfast at Le dolcezze di Mr. C in Monza is a must*

*Ristorante del Centro - If you want to eat the BEST authentic Italian food, look no further... you might also bump into Tarina Tarantino or celebrity photographer Greg Gorman!*

*Ristorante del Centro*

*Pictoresque view of Monza city centre*

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Follow me in... Koh Phi Phi

*Loh Samah bay*

So here I am back from my surprise anniversary long weekend!
The destination unknown brought us to the magical island of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. 
A tropical island in the Andaman sea renown for its breathtaking beaches and scenery... and also known for having been the set of the movie The Beach. I took so many pictures it was a hard choice as to which ones I should post, but i think you can get an idea of the paradise island with the few ones below :)

I am now unpacking and starting to pack again for our departure to Europe today, stay tuned for some island hopping in the mediterranean :)


*We rented a boat for the day to tour the beautiful surrounding islands, above is Bamboo island*

*Welcome virgin colada*

*Scenic sunset*

*Bananes flambées - one of my favorite desserts*

*Maya Bay - the famous beach where the movie The Beach was filmed back in 1999, to tell you the truth it was a bit disappointing as they let so many tourists go there at once the beach was overcrowded with people, this is the only people/boat -free image i managed to take*

*View of our resort*

*View from our room* 

*Sipping a coconut drink at the beach*

Friday, August 5, 2011

Destination unknown!

*Anniversary Card by Amanda Seymour*

Next week is our anniversary and we will be spending it in a 12 hour flight from Singapore to Europe, It will be the longest anniversary yet (with the time difference) and I love these atypical romantic adventures :)

As a gift, Max wrote me a letter which says that I should be at the airport at 7pm tonight with a suitcase containing enough clothes for a long weekend: bathing suits, beachwear, easy night out outfits etc., and to not forget my new Juicy Couture heart shaped water mask! 

The destination is unknown but I got these clues: it’s an approx.  2 hour flight from Singapore and it’s at the beach (helpful right??!!!)!! I’m thinking Thailand or Malaysia...or could the clues be purposely misleading?! 
I’ll let you know when we get back next Tuesday !! 

Wishing you all a nice weekend :)

 PS. I’m still struggling with what I should put in my suitcase but my beauty is already packed up with essentials:

Face care :

*I don't bring much make up on an easy beach holiday, a bit of blush, gloss and mascara will do*

Body and hair care:

Nail beauty:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sparkly > Glittery

*Miu Miu A/W ad campaign*

I have fallen for the A/W 2011 glitter shoes!
They are oh so sparkly and make my mood even bubblier:) 
Here are a few of my favorite Miu Miu glitter pieces for next season


*Miu Miu ad campaign A/W 2011*