Friday, April 27, 2012

It's a PJ party!


I never thought that one day I would be going out in my pj's but really... what is there not to like about this trend?! 
It's comfy, it's trendy and it comes in Louis Vuitton!
These are my favorite PJ street style pics; which one do you like the most? Do you feel comfortable going out in your Pajamas? 










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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coffee or Tea?...


... Black or with milk? Orange juice or strawberry smoothie? Croissant or pain au chocolat? Eggs benedict or scrambled? Pancakes or waffles? Honey or marmalade? Corn flakes or porridge? At the table or in bed?... 
Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to breakfast and here are my breakfast table inspirations.
 How do you like your breakfast?









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Monday, April 23, 2012

The cuff clutch mania

*The one who started the cuff clutch trend...*

I like to believe that Louis Vuitton got us all hooked on the cuff clutch trend;) Do you remember the maison's A/W 2011-2012 collection featuring those beautiful clutches cuffed to the models wrist? Well, let's admit that since then, the trend is growing more and more.From haute couture to high street brands and fashion bloggers collaborations, there is one for every taste. Do you like this trend? Do you have any favorites?

*Werelse for Mango - available here*

*Zara cuff clutch - available here*

*Jimmy Choo cuff clutch*

*If you don't dare the cuff look, opt for this Bottega Veneta embellished wrist clutch - available here*

*Roberto Cavalli bracelet clutch photographed by*

*Angelina Jolie wearing the Louis Vuitton golden cuff clutch*

Friday, April 20, 2012

The one & only Venice Beach

*All Stars hanging from a lamp post!*

This post could be the continuation of "vintage and arty LA" (previously seen here) however Venice beach is more than that... The colors and the people are so vibrant and full of energy & creativity that only once you are there it is possible to understand what it is all about. This is a place where graffiti is art and the word cool is in almost everything you want to describe. As my final post on my holiday in L.A, here is my guide to the one & only Venice California:

One of the top 10 streets in America (USA Today)
Vintage shops, surf shops, concept stores, vintage baking shops, spiritual bookstores, modern art galleries, cool dining&brunch places, modern interior design & Shabby Chic style boutiques... and many more.

Avoid on weekends, this is probably the best advice I can give you!
You can cycle, run, jump, walk, hop, dance or skate your way towards Malibu from Venice. Everything happens on the boardwalk, you might think I'm crazy when I say "dance" but yes.. I often spot a lady dancing her way along the boardwalk ;)

Another side to Venice beach. A quiet little neighborhood that has some similarities with the same Italian city, a must see.


For dinner: 
Gjelina: unless you book weeks in advance it's most likely that you won't find a place, so go there but be prepared to wait a while before you are seated... it is SO worth it.

The Stronghold: The custom made jeans of your dreams.

As I told you before, in venice graffiti is art and some of them are truly amazing; it is fun to walk around and spot them as a lot are not always made in obvious places.

Grab a surf board and adventure yourself on the pacific waves... Californian style.

*Gjelina restaurant*

*Those are some long dreadlocks!*

*Vintage Coca-Cola*

*The coolest cake stand shop on Abbot Kinney* 

*Venice Canals*

*Sculpture hanging from a rooftop*

*Sunset in Venice Beach*

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Santa Monica and Malibu

*Spotted: heart shaped foam flying around Santa Monica*

When talking about Santa Monica I believe that most people who are not so familiar with LA might think of the famous Santa Monica Pier or the 3rd street. On the 3rd street you will find a lot of high street brands like J Crew and Victoria's Secret, please don't get me wrong I love shopping in those stores, but this time I decided to look at the more "local" side of Santa Monica.

Your food will not get any fresher than this! Farmers Market in downtown Santa Monica is well worth a visit on Saturday or Wednesday mornings.

This is one very charming avenue where you are sure to come across some unique shops, bakeries and specialty stores. From the renowned Shabby Chic boutique of Rachel Ashwell to the very italian inspired breakfast at Caffe Luxxe.


For dinner:
Celebrity Chef Wolgang Puck's Chinois on Main: The best Asian fusion in town

Late night drinks:
The Viceroy hotel: Sip your Mojito in one of the poolside cabana's 

Urth Cafe: The organic place to be

Malibu is a vast part of the L.A coastline and there are so many things to do; here are some of my must see places: 

Malibu Country Mart: for brands like Tory Burch, Alice + Olivia, Intermix, Planet Blue and there is also Nobu if you have a sushi crave during your shopping session;)

Marmalade Cafe: Arnold Schwarzenegger's favorite! this is where you want to go for a proper american breakfast

Paradise Cove: one of my favorite beach cafe's around and ideal for an afternoon at the beach 
Geoffrey's: It is very different from Paradise Cove but well worth a stop. Whilst at paradise cove you lunch on delicious burgers with your feet in the sand, at Geoffrey's you brunch on lobster cake benedict and champagne with a spectacular view.

Best surf:
Zuma beach

Get lost:
...and by this I mean that whilst you are driving on the PCH (pacific coast highway) you should adventure your self in the canyons to admire beautiful houses and spectacular views

Late night drinks:
Moonshadows: this has to be one of the most scenic places to have an aperitivo :)

*Fresh Japanese turnips at Santa Monica's Farmers Market*

*Paradise Cove - Malibu*

*Pacific Coast Highway*

*Malibu - Our friends cute husky Shiku, only 4 months old*

*Sunset in Malibu*